Dream to make Believe

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I drink my pre workout in a wine glass so I feel fancy in the morning :)  (at Meow Meow Palace)
Today I got a surprise trip to Hearst Castle! I was so excited because I’ve never been and I have always wanted to go! I know this is the first of many trips!
And now for some love music and dessert :) (at BarrelHouse Brewing Company)
Dinner time :) (at Firestone Walker Brewing Co.)
My morning at the gym! :) I love circuits on Fridays!! I challenge @ojfuentes @chefbess @soleufracio @kjakratzer @kmtsutsui to join me next week!
Thank you so much @jq3po  for the beautiful tour of @warnors_center :) I was blown away by the beauty and potential it has for downtown Fresno!  (at Warnors Theatre)




My baby kitten opened her eyes to the world this morning. It’s been so incredibly rewarding to be nursing this kitten back to health the past week! She brings me so much joy.

"The honeymoon phase never has to end."

- Jimmy Fallon (on marriage)

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"I think it’s brave to try to be happy."

- Vivian, Pushing Daisies  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Cardio warmup:
Sprinting, side to side, jumping jacks, burpees.

Wide push-ups X25
Regular push-ups X25
Diamond push-ups X25
30 jumping jacks
Sumo squats X50
regular squats X50
Legs together squats X50
30 jumping jacks
Full body sit-ups X50
Regular sit-ups X50
Leg raises X50
30 jumping jacks
Burpee push-ups X25
Regular burpee X25
30 jumping jacks

ALL OF THIS DONE WITH 15 pound weights! So proud of myself for going up to heavier weights and finishing this whole workout without passing out! :) 
 (at Get a Better Body Fitness (GABB Fitness))
Behind the bar alllllll night! It’s always a fun Saturday with @jordydakin :) (at Peeve’s Public House)

It’s a fun Saturday here at @peevespublichouse come have a beer with me! :) @unrealaltj (at Peeve’s Public House)